Neil Goldberg
Inhibited Bites: Vortex
1:30 min excerpt from a 9:00 min single channel video

This is one of a series of pieces built from a collection of more than a thousand index cards containing notes I have jotted down over more than two decades. In this version, I use the cards for a videotaped solo performance inside a blower box borrowed from a carnival supply company. At other times, I have used them as prompts for free-associative interviews with physicists, historians, poets, visual artists, choreographers, and others, at performance spaces, or for intimate, afternoon-long conversations with art galleries visitors, who are invited to come and go, and participate or not, as they like.

This piece was recently presented as part of the exhibition Vote In The Midterm Elections at Cristin Tierney Gallery. You can read my statement for that show along with an essay by Rachel Lipstein here. You can find a New York Times review here.