Neil Goldberg
Inhibited Bites (performance)
2016-present (ongoing)
2:45 minute excerpt from a variable length performance

This project is built from a stack of more than a thousand index cards containing notes I have jotted down over many years. The piece is modular and adaptable in its form, context, and duration. It began as a solo performance in which I drew randomly from the stack of cards and encountered them fresh to produce an extemporaneous narrative that was different every time. More recently I have been using the cards as prompts for live interviews or for afternoon-long rolling conversations with gallery visitors, who are invited to come and go as they like.

This sample contains excerpts from performances at Cristin Tierney Gallery (New York, NY), Dixon Place (New York, NY), and The Suburban (Milwaukee, WI)

Read about recent iterations of the performance in The New York Times and at the Cristin Tierney Gallery site.